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Hello !! My name is Mit Suthar. Currently, I am pursuing my B.Tech in Computer Engineering from the Computer Engineering Department of Chandubhai S Patel Institute of Technology, CHARUSAT, Anand with overall Distinction. I am an Android App Developer and Web developer. I love to build new stuff. I had worked with C, Python, PHP, C++, Java, C#.Net, JavaScript, jQuery, ReactJS, GatsbyJS, and Unity. I've built web and mobile apps. My goal is to secure a position where I can efficiently contribute my skills and abilities to the growth of the organization and build my professional career.



It is an android application that helps you to learn, understand and practice various cryptography algorithms like symmetric cryptography (Traditional and modern), asymmetric cryptography, and other basic mathematical functionality (prime numbers, primitive roots, etc..).This app provide you with step by step execution of all cryptographic algorithms. Additional functionality of this app is it allows you to download pdf of the particular algorithm for the future references.

AndroidJavaData Structure & Algorithm
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Recruitment Process Management

Recruiter Process Management project is developed to make the recruitment process advance by providing a web-portal to the recruiter. Collecting the candidate’s information to scheduling an interview of that candidate and taking the status to selection - done as easily as possible. Recruiter can manage all candidate which he/she have entered. After adding the candidate, he/she can schedule that candidate’s interview which can be updatable, after interview give the different rounds of interview as a status which provides easy to access. Overall all the phases of recruitment would achieve by this project.

Codeigniter FrameworkPHPHTMLCSSBootstrapJavascriptAjax
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Candidate Management System

Candidate Management System will help company recruiters to manage their candidates. It is a basic Django website which help students to get familiar with Django Framework and they can perform CRUD operations. In this project, New User can register, login, logout and also he/she can modify their profiles. Each user can separetly manage their own candidates Data through Dashboard and Add candidate modules.

Django FrameworkPythonMysqlHTMLCSSBootstrap
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Quiz Game

In this Game, user can play two type of quiz. First one is technical quiz and second is non-tech quiz in which it displayed randomly questions and provide four options from that user have to select one answer. According to choices it gives you output as audio. User can show scores. It provide one minute for each question.

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